The Carnivorous

This order of plants has long been relegated to edges of what is popular. Fascinating, equaling niche.

Well, how times have and continue to change! People are more available than ever for something a little different, something that inspires further inspection. This group of plants are much more beautiful than has been previously appreciated and their very quirky natures is a wonderful bonus as we all look to nature with renewed enthusiasm!

sarracenia buds, red flower stems, buds
Sarracenia in Bud

There are a number of easily available genera, the Sarracenia, Drosera, Dionaea & Pinguicula.

In fact there are MANY more but it is true you can stray into the territory of plants that have more specialist care requirements, which is not the focus of these plant profiles.

sarracenia flower petal in sunlight
Sarracenia Flower Petal

One broad sweeping value when getting to know these plants is their habit to reside in damp soils, specifically very poor in nutrients, hence the drive to capture food in their elaborate traps.

A great many will even grow out side across much of England. Positioned in a sunny spot and kept at least moist throughout the year and you will be reworded with some of the most unusual and beautiful plants around!

As is always the case, there are a great many more details can and should eventually be understood about any living things care requirements and I will always encourage you to learn a little more, you will be rewarded with ever more happy plants and feel richer in yourself too.

drosera glands in sun shine

As eluded to before, these plants have evolved in a particular environmental niche, a situation that many other plants struggle to prosper. Carnivorous plants can be found across the globe but one detail that will dictate their presence is a poor availability to the typical nutrients plants seek out with their root systems.

There are in fact more situations like this than you might first imagine. For example in many wet places either the water flow can be enough to have washed away much of the valuable minerals plants typically need to grow or the opposite, water can be so still that there is not enough oxygen saturating the water to support the micro-organisms that do the breaking down in the first place, leaving organic matter in the "wrong" format for plants to access what they need.

Plants have evolved a broad spectrum of adaptations to deal with these tricky situations and carnivory is one.

sarracenia red flowers and petals
Sarracenia Flowers

These are charming, often fascinating plants that require little care in exchange for there beautiful appearances.

Why not ask at your local nursery what variety's they can provide and explore a whole new realm of growing!

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