Spring on the Horizon.

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

As days begin to draw out again and our illustrious political leader readies to tell us how we will go into the new Spring, let your heart be lightened by the coming blossom and blooms.

Anemone nemorosa flower in grass white flower
Anemone nemorosa

Those living in the Northern hemisphere where the cycle of seasons means long dark winters know only to well how Spring can lift the spirits! But this time of renewed vitality is not restricted to our species.

Spring is for many of our pollinators, the moment to recover, feeding their tiny bodies for perhaps the first time in months

Planning and planting species that flower during the still cold days and nights of late Winter and early Spring will not only lift your spirits but provide a stepping stone into the year for so many little lives.

daffodil narcissus segovia flower close up with butterfly echloe sp
Narcissus segovia with Echloe sp.

The First Blue Skies

Spring blossoms and blooms come in a vast array of forms, all of which look wonderful against the lapis skies of Spring.

white flowers blue sky spring blossom
Spring blossom

If you would like support exploring which species will flourish in your garden send an email to christopher@hypernatural.co.uk

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