From Showy to Shy, Sedum.

Sedum is a charming genus, with its typically soft, rounded leaves, hugely rewarding flowers to insect visitors and a willing, robustness to grow well regardless of constrains.

sedum flower purple emperor pink blooms red leaves
Sedum purple emperor

Ubiquitous as a ground cover for rockery's and now green roof's the genus “Sedum” extend in form and function way past these simple applications.

“ Ideally adapted, Sedum provide a multitude of advantages as part of green roof technologies, being crucial to a number of butterfly species just one.”
sedum plants different species carpeting plant
Mixed species of Sedum

My favorite way to include species of Sedum is among naturalistic planting of grass meadow, creating different layers and levels among the sword.

sedum plant between rocks green and red leaves
Sedum between rocks

A nice UK site for Sedum is

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