Homage to Berberis.

This plant, seen by many as little more than a boundary deterrent is so much more.

berberis darwinii flower orange yellow buds
Berberis darwinii

Native to far flung Chilean and Argentine Patagonia, it is a marvel the species is so adept in our foreign climate. Part of its popularity and success in horticulture is due to its tough nature.

“ A beautiful yellow, ochre dye is derived from the roots and bark, its berries fed the ancient peoples of Patagonia and its flowers feed pollinators today.”

Berberis darwinii buds flowers yellow orange
Berberis darwinii buds

Ideal for naturalistic planting in semi-shade and open woodlands Berberis, with their spiny leaves provide a protective evergreen covering for small birds to shelter and rest. The berries are enjoyed by various animals and the flowers are a rich source of energy for insects.

Berberis is worth a closer look, in the right place its richness is a joy!

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