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We can now blur the boundaries between static interior décor and the dynamic beauty of nature through recent developments in technology. To create flourishing works of art that bring us greater joy and wellbeing from the comfort and security of our own home.

Having worked at the forefront of these technological advancements for the past two decades, continually exploring their limitations and adaptability, it is of personal delight to see them finally come to fruition.

The range of possibilities is truly extraordinary! Once the preserve of national botanical gardens and their teams of specialists, the most exquisite and exotic flowers and plants can now adorn the private home like living jewels.

Finally, the sumptuous natural splendours that have tempted people on extraordinary adventures to the wildest, remote environments on earth can be stylishly fashioned into our surroundings.




Through thoughtful consultation, we will explore each design detail, from the general planting theme, jungle, desert, forest or river etc., to the colour and shape of the flowers and foliage. Every element is customisable to create an astonishing and unique living display.

Bringing the vibrancy and natural awe of flourishing plants into the home contrasts the energy-sapping qualities of increased digital lifestyles, raising our energy, health and spirits. 



These burgeoning technologies bring the best of nature into our surroundings and meet any design requirements, from green roofs, green walls and customised planted displays. The key in each case is that the plants are selected to adapt to the design and be aesthetically pleasing, a feature too often overlooked by function alone.

Working alongside the architect and engineers during a project, I can introduce a far more diverse, aesthetically and stylistically pleasing range of plant options to cater to the individual's particular style.



If you are planning or developing your property, let's discuss how you can include natures finest elements to create something truly spectacular.




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