Renaissance of the Humble Houseplant.

As we spend unprecedented amounts of time at home, it comes as little surprise to see an explosion of interest in house plants. Tropical vacations or even simple walks in the forest are now much more complicated. Still, the desire to recharge and relax amidst nature is more valuable than ever, and so instead, we bring the plants to us.



Through advancements in cultivation over the last century and the continual discovery of new species, the range of plants we can today dress our homes with is staggering.
As we seek to soften our surroundings' hard contours and bring life into the rooms, we live in, finding plants that beautifully blend into our homes brings so much joy and satisfaction!
Whether you desire an exquisite miniature adornment for your smart desk, a delicate contrast to the machine fabricated paraphernalia of your workspace. Or perhaps a huge, luxuries and a verdant reminder to good health stationed in the reception, whose great calm leaves great you each time you return home.
I will help you select the ideal plants for any space in your home, guiding you through the myriad of sizes, colours, and textures to perfectly match your tastes and interiors.

By first discussing your lifestyle, interests and tastes, the plants you bring into your life will be well suited and adapt easily. I will provide you with clear care information, considering your details or provide a schedule of maintenance myself.
Leaving you to simply enjoy the beautiful arrangements you select to grow and flourish, their scents and textures softening each room.

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