Hi, I'm Christopher Taylor, your personal horticultural expert.

I create extraordinary, living spaces.


Christopher was born and raised in the South African bush until five, and his parents returned to the United Kingdom. Those early years of development, nature imposed as much presence and influence as did his parents, ever-present and ever directing his activities and attention.
His relationship with the environment grow as naturally as the weeds around him.

Back in the UK, his family settled in the beautiful Chiltern Hills, and Christopher began to learn about an environment dictated by four pronounced seasons.

As a child negotiating with his parents for a patch of the garden to develop and experiment with, his pocket money spent on plants at car boot sales, the garden became a place to play and learn.

Immediately on finishing school, he enrolled to study horticulture and formalise his passion and enthusiasm around plants. During the three years of study, Christopher used the holiday periods to work as an apprentice in gardens across Europe, from Switzerland to Portugal.



He began his career working on the private estate Hartwell House (now National Trust), a historically significant private estate designed by a contemporary of Capability Brown.
Christopher went on to work in several prestigious private estate gardens around England.

Then, to continue developing his plant knowledge, Christopher went to work in the tropical transitional state of Florida, USA. Dividing his time between working in a propagation nursery and private gardens, both settings exposing him daily to new species and new horticultural practises.
This encounter with the tropics' kaleidoscopic flora enticed him further South into Latin America. He would spend the next years developing an orchid nursery in the Amazon and medicinal plant garden in Patagonia.


In more recent years, Christopher's focus has been on the value and advantages of native species and nature-inspired planning and planting. Working to develop new private estates in Devon and Hertfordshire that are in harmony with their surrounding landscapes, healthy and productive gardens that benefit the clients and their families on many levels.

As a consequence of the global pandemic, people seek the respite and calming influence of plants and gardens more than ever.
Christopher has been able to draw on his extensive tropical plant experience to bring more plants into people's homes and help them thrive. While those people spending more time in their existing gardens seek refinement and greater pleasure, Christopher provides the expert consultation they need.

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